Looking for loads? Try the Ship.Cars Loadboard to find a variety of loads offered by our partners. With the latest in technology optimizing your load search, you’ll always see the loads you care about.

You can access the Loadboard from the left navigation panel.

Searching for Loads

Searching for loads is quick and easy. 

  1. Click origin and/or destination
  2. Select from the menu or type a city, state or zip to select.

Multiple areas, states and cities can be selected to search all optimal locations for your route.

Radius for each city can be adjusted as well. Giving you more control over what is visible to you.

And that is just the beginning. With the loadboard, you can customize your routes for only the loads you care about. Optimizing your results every time.  


The listings panel shows all available loads in the currently selected search criteria. Once you apply your desired filters, displayed results are dynamically updated. No need to ever refresh or click a button to view the next page. The list updates in real time and will show new orders as they are added.

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