Tired of not getting paid on time? Struggling with crafting invoices from templates or napkins? Don’t like doing accounting work? 

The Auto-invoicing feature ensures that your billing terms start the moment your driver completes the delivery inspection without you having to fill out a thing. Auto-invoicing is on by default and generates invoices and automatically sends them along with the BOLs on your behalf to your partners immediately after delivery inspection.

Step 1: Ensure Auto-Invoicing is turned on

Go to your Company Profile settings and ensure the Auto-invoicing switch is turned on (is green).

Want to handle your invoices manually? Just turn off Auto-invoicing.

Step 2: Complete accounting contact information

Click Edit to fill out your accounting contact information. The information entered here is exactly what will appear on your invoices when they are sent.

If your company information and accounting are the same, click Clone Company/Contact Information to copy it over.

Step 3: Set your invoice number sequence (Optional)

If you have a pre-set way of numbering your invoices, you can set that up. Leave it blank to start from 1.

Click Save to finalize your settings.

Step 4: View a Sample Invoice

Click View sample invoice to view what your invoice will look like when it's sent. 

Double check to make sure everything is accurate, as this will be the invoice format we send to your partners. Now Auto-invoicing will automatically send accurate invoices to your broker's the moment your driver marks an order delivered!

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