Pick up and deliver orders fast and efficiently with the ePOD mobile app. This guide will walk you through the complete inspection process. 

NOTE: Orders can only be marked picked up or delivered through the mobile app by driver accounts.

Step 1: Assigned

The first steps when an order is assigned to a driver.

  1. The driver receives a push notification on their device.

  2. Tap the notice to open the app right to the order.

Not able to check right now? All assigned orders can be viewed from the My Orders tab at any time.

If the driver picked up the order and are completing delivery, the order will already be in the drivers To Deliver section. 

Step 2: Order Overview

The order screen will give a quick overview of what's important for the order. Including instructions and notes, payment, vehicle information, locations and additional documents.

Ready to start inspection? The driver only needs to tap on the "Start Pickup" button at the bottom to begin.

Step 3: Inspection

An accurate and thorough inspection will help protect against frivolous claims.

  1. The odometer reading is essential to an accurate Bill of Lading (BOL). Take a picture and record the odometer reading as instructed. Next are vehicle photos. We recommend five pictures as a minimum for a clean and secure BOL, but you are more than welcome to take more. Tap the button to confirm and the reading and vehicle photos are done.

  2. After taking photos, it's time to mark any scratches or damage. We make it easy... select the condition from the menu, and just tap on a section of the vehicle to mark. If you need to get close, or maybe you have big hands, you can zoom in and out on the inspection photos as needed.

  3. Next is Driver's Notes. It gives you a written field to note any additional issues or remarks the driver may have. You can also confirm any conditions that may have obstructed the inspection. If there is a condition that might cause inaccuracies, make sure to check them off before continuing.

  4. Once finished, you can review the condition report and complete the inspection. Next prepare to hand the device over to the contact for review and signature.

Step 4: Verification

The driver will be prompted to pass their device to the contact. The contact has to confirm that they are the authorized person to release the vehicle/s.

The contact will be prompted by the app with what they need to do and will walk them through each section.

  1. Review inspection report - Contact will be prompted to review the inspection that the driver just completed. Before continuing, they'll have to check... "I agree with the driver's assessment of the vehicle condition."

  2. Accept (carrier) Terms & Conditions - The terms and conditions that your company have indicated in their company profile will appear here. The customer must check... "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions."

  3. Enter their name and sign off on the inspection - Finally, the contact will be prompted to sign off. They can enter their email if they wish to receive a digital BOL of the inspection.

Step 5: Complete Inspection

Once complete, the app will inform that the review has been completed and the contact has to pass the device back to the driver. Slide to finish and generate a BOL of the inspection.

Step 6: Sync

Right after being marked, the app will attempt to sync the status of the order to the server, so that it's updated on the dashboard.

  • Don't have an internet connection at this point? Don't worry about it! Next time you do, the app will automatically sync your orders with the server.

  • The app will automatically generate a BOL and upload all photos taken to the dashboard.

  • The broker/shipper will be notified that the vehicle is picked up once the sync is complete.

  • Photos and the BOL are geotagged and time stamped for your protection.

  • Once delivered, an invoice will automatically be sent to the broker for billing orders.

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