Ready to assign your orders to your drivers? This guide will quickly walk you through the process. 

Assigning your drivers to orders will allow the drivers to use the mobile app for paperless inspections. Instantly updating contacts on the order status and providing secure Bill of Ladings. Not only increasing your protection, but also your wallet. 😉

Haven't added your drivers to Ship.Cars yet? Click here to find out how.

Assigning A Driver

All orders waiting to be assigned to a driver can be found in the Accepted section of the left sidebar. 

Select the desired order you want to assign a driver to. Find the Driver section and click Assign Driver. This will open a menu with your driver list.

From here, select the driver you want to dispatch the order to. Don't see the driver you need? Click Add Driver in the bottom right of the menu to add them.

Assigned Orders

Within your Dashboard the order will now move from Accepted to Assigned status.

Your driver will now receive a push notification about the new order on their mobile device.

The driver will now be able to review and start the pick-up process; take pictures, mark damages and collect customer’s signatures at pick-up and delivery using the mobile app.

Accept & Assign Mode

An option available to brokers in the Ship.Cars platform is Accept & Assign mode. If accepting an order from the Ship.Cars Loadboard, the broker may ask you to accept and assign your driver to the order at the same time.

As soon as you click Accept And Assign Driver, the app will prompt you to assign your driver immediately. The status will move to Assigned status at that moment and your driver will receive a notification with the order instantly.

Unverified Drivers

Unverified drivers can be assigned to orders. This gives you the ability to help sort your orders while your drivers are onboarding.

If the broker is using Accept & Assign Mode and a unverified driver is assigned, the order will automatically un-dispatch if the driver account is not verified within 8 hours. 

For all other orders, the driver will be unassigned and the order will be moved back to Accepted

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