Looking for your driver’s latest activity? Want to know how many payments are due to collect? Do you know whether a driver is being delayed? Wondering which partners and customers to inform?

The Dashboard provides the answers on one screen. Prioritize your daily tasks accordingly. Stay informed about your drivers’ latest activities.

Once you log into your Dashboard, you immediately get your company operations overview.

The Due Today Row

At the very top, Ship.Cars keeps you informed about exactly how many orders are due for pickup, delivery and payment today.

Click on each section to filter a list of these orders.

Drivery Activity

The Driver Activity section provides the most recent pick-up and delivery activities of all drivers in your company. 

Need to access an order? Click the order number to open the order details.


The Payments section shows a list of all the orders you’re owed payments on. Keep an eye on the overdue, and make sure to contact your partners. You’re also able to see the orders you owe funds on.

Click an order number to access the order details and mark it as paid.

Delayed Pickups & Deliveries

Nobody likes delays, but everybody understands that things happen. It’s common sense to keep all parties involved when there is a delay on an order. Check your Delayed Pickups & Deliveries section to see whether any of your drivers is late.

Access an order to get more details about your shipper/broker and the respective party that needs to be informed about the delay.

Filtering Your View

Filter each section for further refinement. Especially useful if you have a large amount of orders or only want to see a specific type. Click the down arrow in the top right of each section to open the menu.

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