Today's tech-savvy customers simply expect more. They expect every business to be quick, efficient and professional. Using an ePOD will not only make your pickups and deliveries easier, it will also make it easier for the customer, and leave a great lasting impression.

We developed the ePOD with this is mind. During the inspection process, the driver will be asked to hand over the device to the contact for inspection review. This will happen in Step 4 of the inspection process.

Your driver can explain to the customer that they are asking for the customer to review and approve their inspection of the customers vehicle.

Customer Verification

The driver will be prompted to pass their device to the contact. The app is going to run through what your driver marked in the inspection and ask for their signature.

The contact will be prompted by the app with what they need to do and will walk them through each section.

  1. Review inspection report - Contact will be prompted to review the inspection that you just completed. Before continuing, they'll have to check... "I agree with the driver's assessment of the vehicle condition."
  2. Accept (carrier) Terms & Conditions - The terms and conditions that your company have indicated in their company profile will appear here. The customer must check... "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions."
  3. Enter their name and sign off on the inspection - Finally, the contacted will be prompted to sign off. 

Once complete, the app will inform that the review has been completed.

From here, it will ask for the the customers email if they wish to receive a digital BOL of the inspection. Slide to finish once complete. 

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