The goal of Ship.Cars is to help people. Are you a busy company owner, dispatcher or an accountant within the car hauling world? Are you the driver everyone depends on? Are you overwhelmed with phone calls and paperwork? Do you feel you're performing time consuming activities that are important to your partners, but could be automated instead?

Shouldn’t your working hours go towards growing your business? While we believe that nothing can replace human interactions, we also think that automation here and there can make you and your business more successful.

The auto transport industry shouldn't settle for anything less than the latest and greatest technology. So we built everything from the ground up to maximize user experience and increase efficiency. Completely cloud based, all of your data is fully protected and securely stored. We use the latest 3rd party tools for performance and stability to ensure maximum up time.

Ship.Cars is made specifically, for you.

How does Ship.Cars benefit you as a broker/shipper?

  • Sophisticated auto transport predictive rate engine for your CRM or website

  • Multifunctional auto transport CRM

What benefits does Ship.Cars provide you as a carrier/driver?

  • Transport management Dashboard with order import and management

  • Carrier focused Loadboard with online order booking and rate negotiation

  • Easy-to-use ePOD - native mobile app

Ship.Cars benefits everyone

  • Responsive support team

  • Secure cloud based solution

  • Machine learning algorithms

  • API Friendly System

  • Custom flows and notifications

  • Reporting

How does everything work together?

Ready to bring your business to the next level?

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