You've heard that you can import your booked orders into Ship.Cars, right? You can now import your Central Dispatch orders even faster. You’ll need to install the Ship.Cars Central Dispatch load importer tool onto your Chrome browser.

Currently only available for Google Chrome. Very soon the extension will be available for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer/Edge. Make sure to open this article in your Google Chrome browser. 

Don't have Google Chrome? Click here to download Chrome.

Now that we’re using the right browser, let’s start with installing the extension and importing orders.


Click here to get the Load Importer from the Chrome Web Store.


Make a Google search for “chrome web store”.

  • Click on the first result, ensure you’re now in the Chrome’s Web Store.

  • In the top left corner of the page locate the search box and search for “ load importer”.

  • Find and click on the blue Add to Chrome button.

  • Click Add extension to confirm the action.

Once added, the extension will appear as a grey Ship.Cars icon on your browser next to the address bar.

Importing Loads

From your Central Dispatch account, import your booked orders directly from an orders list or from an order details page. We made it convenient for you to push orders into Ship.Cars instantly after you accept them -- all this from the same screen.

To start importing:

  • Log into your Central Dispatch account.

  • Go to Find Shipments >> Dispatched To Me

  • Navigate to the desired order status tab. On each order you’ll see a green Import to Ship.Cars button. Click on it to instantly import the order into your Ship.Cars Dashboard. This will open a new tab.

Once imported, you would need to add the broker’s email. In your Ship.Cars Dashboard account, ensure you’ve accessed the just imported order, then:

  1. Find the Broker section of the order

  2. Click Edit

  3. Enter the broker’s email

  4. Click Save

Note: Entering the broker’s email is important. You will now benefit from the Auto-invoicing feature and the automatic order status updates.

Repeat the steps for all of your orders.

Voalá! Once imported, the orders are ready to be assigned to your drivers. You can now manage all your orders from one place.

Remember, you can still import/create non-Central Dispatch orders within Ship.Cars by clicking on the Import/Create Order link from the left menu of your Dashboard.

Note: Ship.Cars won’t be able to update your order statuses in Central Dispatch. You would need to do that manually.

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