Ship.Cars is not just limited to the Loadboard or Shipper dispatch sheets. WIth the Import Order Tool, you can manually enter the details for any order you have, and then fully manage it in Ship.Cars with all features available!

  • Full inspections using the EPOD application.
  • Automatic status updates for brokers and customers.
  • Easy to use interface and order management.

You can access the Import Tool from the web dashboard at any time. 

  1. Go to Ship.Cars. You may have to log in.
  2. Click on Import/Create Order from the left navigation menu.
  3. Enter your order details or drag & drop your PDF dispatch sheet.
  4. Click Create order when complete.

Already have a dispatch sheet? Check our ever growing supported companies list in the tool to confirm if we support dispatch sheets from them. If we do, all you need to do is drop your dispatch sheet file in the drop window and we'll automatically upload it and fill in the details for you.

Note: Don't see your company listed? Contact us and let us know!

Just make sure to verify the details and fill in any missing information.

Note: Make sure the email is filled out as well to enable automatic status updates.

Don't have a dispatch sheet? No problem, you can manually type the details of the shipment into Ship.Cars. 

Once complete, click Create Order and you'll have the entire Ship.Cars app at your fingertips for any order you have!

At this time, importing with the Ship.Cars mobile app is not possible. But, that doesn't mean you can't import orders on the go. You can go to Ship.Cars on your mobile web browser and import from there.

  1. Sign in to Ship.Cars.
  2. Tap on Import/Create Order from the left navigation bar.
  3. Tap on the Drop Dispatch Sheet button to open the file menu.
  4. Find the PDF for the order you wish to import, or type the order details manually.
  5. Tap Create Order when complete.

Expect a future update enabling Import functionality in app very soon!

How do I import an order from my mobile device or tablet?

  1. If your device supports PDF file downloading. You can simply upload the pdf file to the Drop Dispatch Sheep box.
  2. If your tablet supports chrome extensions, you can download google chrome app on your tablet, then install the chrome extension.
  3. If none of the fist two options are available, you can simply upload the pdf file to icloud, then when you select the importing box, you can just choose a file from your icloud library.
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