Has a Shipper/Broker dispatched a load to you in Ship.Cars? In order to obtain the order details, you'll need to accept the terms of the dispatch contract.

  1. All orders that are dispatched to you will first appear in your New Orders tab on the dashboard.

  2. Locate the order you're looking to accept. Review the information carefully and read the broker's Terms & Conditions located under the dispatch instructions.

  3. Click Accept Order once you've reviewed the terms.

  4. The order will move to your Accepted section and is ready to be assigned to your drivers.

Accept & Assign Mode

An option available to brokers in the Ship.Cars platform is Accept & Assign mode. If accepting an order from the Ship.Cars Loadboard, the broker may ask you to accept and assign your driver to the order at the same time.

As soon as you click Accept And Assign Driver, the app will prompt you to assign your driver immediately. The status will move to Assigned status at that moment and your driver will receive a notification with the order instantly. 

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