First time logging into the app? This article will give you a quick overview of the application.

The major aspects of the app can be selected from the navigation (3-lines) bar. You'll find this at the top left corner of most menus. Plenty of space for upcoming features. 

Tapping on your name or picture will open up your profile. Allowing you to edit your profile.

  • All Orders - This is where you'll find all orders for your company.

  • Users - All of your companies employees will be located here.

All Orders

Manage all of your orders directly from your phone or tablet device with ease. If your company role is Owner, Supervisor, Dispatcher or Accountant... you'll be able to view and have varied actions on these tabs.

  1. All Orders - All orders in your company fall within this tab.

  2. New - Orders dispatched to you from a broker. These orders are waiting for you to accept.

  3. Accepted - Accepted orders waiting to be assigned to a driver.

  4. Assigned - These are orders that have a driver assigned but are not picked up yet.

  5. Picked up - Your driver has marked that they picked up the vehicle and are in transit.

  6. Delivered - Your driver has marked that they delivered the vehicle.

  7. Archived - Orders that have been marked as paid and are no longer needed. (Can still be accessed at anytime)

My Orders

The My Orders tab is for all the orders assigned to you as a driver. This tab is only visible to accounts with a Driver role. Driver only roles can only see this tab.

Once you tap on an order, you can review the details and when ready... start the pickup or delivery process.


Manage and add new users to your company from the Users section. 

The current roles a user can fall under are Supervisor, Dispatcher, Accountant, and Driver. Below you can review the permission levels for each. As we introduce new features these roles will be expanded and updated.

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