• (Major Rework) Driver Assign Flow - Updated the look and feel of the New Order, Assigned, and Accepted status order screens.
  • Released a new checkbox to allow carriers to force m-22 inspection report standard on manually created orders.
  • Released a new checkbox to allow for no signature at pick-up/delivery.
  • New feature allowing brokers to require carriers to assign a driver before they can accept the order
  • Unverified drivers can now be assigned to a load. However, after 8 hours they will be unassigned.
  • Added red notification markers to alert dispatchers when there is an unverified driver assigned to an order.
  • Removed inactive users from all user lists except supervisor/owner.
  • Tooltip sizing changes for all web application tooltips. Updated text for hidden pickup/delivery¬†
  • Fixed a bug not allowing notes to be saved while no text was contained in the notes field.
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