Making offers on the Ship.Cars Loadboard couldn't be easier!

  1. From any order on the Loadboard, click the Offer button below the Book For price.
  2. Agree to the Shipper Instructions.
  3. Select dates and price that correspond to you.
  4. Select an offer duration.
  5. Finally, click Make An Offer.

The Shipper will receive your offer and can choose to accept, reject or counter-offer.


You can view the status of your offer from the Negotiations tab on the sidebar.

Actions Required

The Shipper is waiting for you to take an action.

An order will go here if the shipper has proposed a counter-offer. This means they may be offering different dates or a price from what you selected.

You'll have a chance to reply according. Any changes from your last offer will be highlighted in yellow.

From the actions required screen, you can propose a new counter-offer yourself. Accept the new order, or cancel the offer altogether.

Pending Shipper Action

You're waiting for the shipper to take an action.

While waiting for a shipper to reply, you can review your offer and make changes as needed. Such as changing price, dates, or canceling altogether.

The shipper has the option to accept your offer, propose a counter-offer, or cancel the offer.


The Shipper proposed a counter-offer. The order will move to the Actions Required tab. From here, you can choose to accept the offer, counter-offer again, or cancel the offer.

Accepted Offer

The Shipper has accepted your offer! The order will move to the New Orders tab in the Dashboard. Waiting for you to accept and assign a driver.

Rejected/Expired/Canceled Offer

The Shipper canceled your offer or failed to reply to your standing offer within the designated time. The order is removed from negotiations. You will receive a notification. 

Having your offer canceled or rejected/expired by the shipper will move the order out of Negotiations completely. You will receive a notification indicating that the status changed.

A new offer would be required to be placed on the load.

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