Making offers on the Ship.Cars Loadboard couldn't be easier!
You can avoid long hold times with brokers by negotiating with them online.

To place an offer: 

  1. From any order on the Loadboard, click the Ask to Book button to request changes on the current posting or Instant Book to book it as is (pre-verified carriers only)

  2. Agree to the Shipper Instructions.

  3. Select dates and price that correspond to you.

Optionally you can specify how long your offer will be valid as well as any reasoning for requesting something outside of what's already posted.
You can also choose to change the payment term and the payment type.

After completion just press the button Make An Offer.
The Shipper will receive your offer and can choose to accept, reject or counter-offer.

Additional Information on the offer page now include: 

  • The total carrier pay 

  • Both ends locations 

  • Each vehicle’s specifications like Length, Width, Height, Weight, and the Total Curb Weight of the load

  • The vehicle’s conditions 

  • Type of payment and terms 

  • The transport needed

  • Shipper contact info

  • The shipment’s instructions

  • Posting Notes

Manage Negotiations

In the Negotiations tab, you can view and filter your outstanding offers. 

Review section on the right will show you all the offers you've made, that are under broker’s review. They usually have between 1 and 24 hours to reply depending on what parameters you set in the initial offering.

Reply section will show you all the offers that you need to take an action to. This tab typically stores offers that the broker countered, any expired or cancelled offers. You will receive in-app notifications when a broker acknowledges your offer.

Accepting a broker offer 

If there is a broker offer waiting for you to reply, open it and you will see the Accept option in the Negotiation section of the order. Should you need to reply back, simply select Make an Offer to send another one.

To cancel the negotiation select the "X" button. This will reset the negotiation flow in cases you have found another vehicle and successfully filled the spot.

Click anywhere on the offer details to expand it and reveal the History of the current negotiation with the broker.

You can view the status of your offer from the Negotiations tab on the sidebar.

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