Need to find an order? Plenty of ways to search for it.

Primary Filters:

  • by Load ID
  • by VIN or Vehicle Make & Model
  • by Driver
  • by Dispatcher*

*When you filter by a dispatcher, note that you will see only the orders that were created, accepted, or last edited by the dispatcher you choose. This is a commonly used filter for companies that have a team of two, three, or more dispatchers.

Secondary / More Filters:

  • by PU/Delivery Date
  • by PU/Delivery City, State, or ZIP
  • by Customer*

*A customer could be a shipper/broker or any of your own contacts as long as they are the ones paying for the transportation.

Additionally, you can sort your orders:

  • by Update Date, or last changed on top
  • by Create Date
  • Pickup Date
  • Delivery Date

Were you looking for a more specific filter that you use more often?

Feel free to let us know over the chat.

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