An option available to brokers in the Ship.Cars platform is Accept & Assign mode. If accepting an order from the Ship.Cars Loadboard, the broker may ask you to accept and assign your driver to the order at the same time.

As soon as you click Accept And Assign Driver, the app will prompt you to assign your driver immediately. The status will move to Assigned status at that moment and your driver will receive a notification with the order instantly. 

Unverified Drivers

Unverified drivers can be assigned to orders. This gives you the ability to help sort your orders while your drivers are onboarding.

If the broker is using Accept & Assign Mode and a unverified driver is assigned, the order will automatically un-dispatch if the driver account is not verified within 8 hours. 

For all other orders, the driver will be unassigned and the order will be moved back to Accepted.

Mobile App Verification for Owner Operators

In case you are logged in as a supervisor on the mobile app and you still did not confirm your phone, you will get a warning message prompting you to do so. 

A red timer countdown will indicate the remaining time to verify a driver before the order is automatically un-dispatched.

To verify the phone number, simply click on the link in the text message you received.

You will then be prompted to log back in the app using either your email or your phone number as an username.

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