To generate a new quote, click on the Calculator icon in the top right of the screen to enter the price generator tool. 

Enter the customer’s details, followed by the pick-up and drop off information by city, state or zip code. Then add the car details and required transport type. Hit Calculate to generate the quote.

The quote shows all the factors that have been taken into consideration for the price. The vehicle details are compared against a mid-size sedan (2012 Honda Civic), with the price differential shown. A price difference is also shown for the enclosed transport, if selected.


Clickable items in the quote provide a map of the quoted journey, images of the selected make of car and a map of the available zip codes in the pick-up and drop-off areas. You can also see more detailed route information, including population sizes, states and total distance, to help explain the price to the customer. 

The price is shown to the right of the quote, starting with the carrier charge. Then, under the Total column, your deposit, which represents your company’s pre-set margin, the discounted price for cash payment and the regular price. Underneath are the discounted and regular prices for the reverse journey.

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