To create an order from scratch, go to the New Order icon at the top right of the page. Fill in all the customer details, pick up and delivery information. Use the drop-down lists to select an existing customer in your system, and to copy the contact information into either the pick up or delivery section.  

When adding the First Available shipping Date (FAD), you should input the customer’s availability for pick-up and delivery, along with any restrictions. You can also choose to adjust the dates or restrictions that are posted to the load board. 

For the vehicle information, select if they are operable, the type of transport required, the damage report type and any relevant comments. Vehicles can be added individually by year, make and model or by VIN. Multiple cars can also be added using the import by VIN button. 

Hit the Suggest Rate button to use the integrated price engine for either a regular or discounted price and the Calculate Pay button to update the carrier price, based on your vehicle pricing and margin. You can also check current values on Central Dispatch for reference. 

Hit Create Order to move this into the main Orders tab. The orders are color coded in each of the tabs, depending on their status. Green orders are ready to post, blue needs verification and orange have an AVS mismatch.

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