Shipper Lite is a new and affordable way for dealers and brokers to get orders on to the Ship.Cars Load Board and start moving cars. Designed for low frequency use, orders can be quickly created and posted. You can also track orders, accept offers, negotiate and dispatch, all from within the software, in a matter of clicks. 

Create a listing

To create an order, click on the Create New button on the main screen.

Fill in the basic order details, making sure to include a load ID, First Available Date and pick up date range.

Add the vehicle details by year, make and model, making sure to confirm the type of vehicle too. You can add multiple vehicles by clicking on the Add more vehicles button below.

Under the Dispatch information section, you can choose between Posting to a load board and Dispatching directly to a carrier. You can dispatch directly to a carrier within the Ship.Cars existing carrier network, either by searching your previously used carriers or by USDOT.

Next, add the carrier pay information, including the breakdown and the method of payment. You must also specify the payment terms, even if it is for cash on delivery. You can click the Calculate Pay button to use our rate engine to give you a value based on the most up to date pricing information, or select the CDispatch button to see similar loads on the load board.

The shipper information will be pre-filled from your account details, but you can make any necessary changes to it here and add any additional information. Once complete, hit Post to make the order live.

Editing a load

To edit a load, first go to My Loads in the left hand taskbar and then click on See details for the order you wish to change.

In the top right hand corner, click on the three dots and select Edit from the drop down.

Once the changes are made, click on the Edit Post button at the bottom to confirm the changes. If editing a load that has already been dispatched, it will automatically send the carrier a revision receipt for confirmation.

Receive offers

Click on My Loads in the left hand taskbar and then the Action Required tab at the top to find your current offers.

Click Review Offers to see the load information and an overview of your current offers on this load.

Your current load offers appear in the overview at the bottom. Underneath the carrier name you will also find their USDOT, address, phone number and email. Click on the Carrier name to reveal a full history of offers. You can then click Agree & Dispatch to accept the offer or make changes to the dates or offer price.

If you change the dates or price, the button changes to Offer and once clicked it will go back to the carrier, for them to accept or counter offer. This will appear in you Pending Carrier Action tab until confirmed.

Direct dispatching

As well as directly dispatching an order during the order creation, you can dispatch from the See Details section of loads already posted to the load board.

Un Dispatch orders

If you need to cancel the order after you have accepted the carrier, you can un-dispatch the order by finding the order in My Orders and then clicking on See details. By clicking the Un-dispatch button at the top right, it will cancel the carrier and allow you to repost the order.

Add documents

Once the order has been dispatched, you can add attachments such as gate passes at the bottom of the order. Find the order in My Loads and click See details. Either click on Browse to see files in your local drive or drag files onto here from your computer to upload.

You can also view the current files as PDFs, such as the dispatch sheet, by clicking on them.


Once an order has been processed and the payment confirmed by the carrier, it will automatically move into the archived folder. The order will also move into the archived folder when it is cancelled. To cancel, open up the order from your My Loads list and click See Details. From the three dots in the top right of the screen, select Cancel.

As soon as you click Yes, Cancel Load, the order will be archived in your system and cannot be reactivated, so make sure the order is complete or no longer required before continuing.

Creating company profile 

Your company profile appears in the order information and is available to the carrier. To edit this, click on the icon in the bottom left of the screen and select Company Profile.

The company information can be edited by clicking the Edit button by the logo. You can also import an image of your logo here too. Hit Save to confirm.

Though there are standard terms and conditions in place, you can add your own here by clicking on the Edit button, and typing or copy and pasting into the box below. Hit Save to confirm. 

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