Creating a Trip

There are a couple of ways to create a trip:

From within an order:

As long as an order is accepted, you will see the option to add it to a trip, right next to the order's current status.

Please, note that if the order doesn't have a driver at the time of assigning it to a trip, you will be only able to assign a driver from the Trip's page.

On click, you will be asked to select a trip to assign the load to. Assuming you have no trips yet, you will have the option to create one from the top-right corner of the window. Adding a name to the trip is the only requirement to begin. There are no character restrictions but the trip's name has to be unique -- you cannot have two trips with the same name.

From the so-called "Trips" section on your navigation menu.

Similar to when you are creating a trip from within an order, the only required field here is the trip's Name.

Assigning a driver

A trip can only have one driver at a time.

From within an order:

If you create a trip from an assigned order, then the trip will be automatically assigned to the driver. Changing the driver from an order's page will remove the load from the original trip.

From within the trip:

The option to assign and re-assign a driver is always on the top of the screen.

Adding loads to a trip

You can add orders to trips individually from the "All Orders" section on your menu, or you can select orders and add them in bulk from within the Trip's Details page.

There you will see two sections:

  • Assigned -- all available orders assigned to the driver you've selected for the trip.

  • Not Assigned -- all available orders with no driver assigned yet. If your trip has a driver already, adding Not Assigned orders will automatically assign them.

Managing Trips

Once a trip is created, it is considered "Active". An active trip can be completed, archived, or deleted.

  • Completed -- Created trips remain under active until all orders get delivered. Then, you will find the trip under Completed where it goes automatically.

  • Archived -- Only you can archive a trip. Even if all orders get marked as paid and get archived, the trip itself remains under Completed until you archive it manually.

  • Deleted -- Deleting a trip doesn't mean deleting the orders it's linked to. We've provided this option in case you've created one by mistake and you don't want to rename it. Deleted trips cannot be restored.

Getting Reports based on your trips

You can get reports based on your data at any given time. Doing so from within the trip's details page, you are basically taken to the "Reports" section with the filter for trip already applied. Selecting the fields you'd need in your report is all what's left before you send it over email.

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