You can customize the invoices you need to schedule after Pickup or Delivery, or you can go with the Bill Now option to send a custom invoice on demand.

To set up your invoice, open the order in your Carrier TMS, and click on the "More" button within the Payments section.

From there you can choose if you want to "Bill Now" or you need "Custom Shipper Invoice" for a scheduled send after Pickup or Delivery.

Bill Now for Invoices or receipts.

Click here to see how to generate payment receipts for your orders.

You can customize everything on your invoice.

Starting from top to bottom, you can set:

  • A custom Invoice ID. Consider setting up your default invoice ID from the Accounting Details in your Company Settings page.

  • Billing contact details. Selecting from Shipper, Pickup, or Delivery contact will auto-fill their details already available from within the order. Editing their information will only apply it on the Invoice, while in the order it will all remain as is.

  • Use of Factoring Company. Click here to learn more about how to set up Factoring Company details if you have hired such a service. Here you can opt-in or out per order. If you don't have a Factoring Company set, the field will be inactive.

  • Customizable service. By default it is set as "Transportation", however, you can type in services such as Storage, or you can even charge extra for additional weight, delays, etc.

  • Customer Message. You can have all checks payable to your personal or company name set per order. The default one you can change from your Company Settings page.

  • Custom email address. You can send the invoice email to anyone. Note that if there are any BOL files available at the time of sending, they will be attached to the email.

Scheduling Custom Shipper Invoice

There are two main differences between the "Bill Now" and the "Custom Shipper Invoice" options.

  • You can only schedule an invoice for the Shipper, although, all fields in the "Bill To Shipper" section are fully editable.

  • Invoices can only be customized and scheduled for sending immediately after the Pickup or Delivery status change.

  • Ship.Cars generates invoices for all your orders with billing payment terms by default. However, you can choose to turn it off for the order from here or turn off the default Auto Invoicing completely from your Company Settings page.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us should you have any questions or feedback regarding our Invoicing features.

Happy shipping! 🤩

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