Customers got used to order tracking for anything out there. Being able to know what is the status of a vehicle's shipment is now one of the most valued options.

Ship.Cars allows carriers to provide automatic status updates to all parties involved, so that the quality of their service matches their customers' expectations.

Automatic Status Change and Updates

Once the driver completes the vehicle inspection, and the sign-off part is done, the status of the order changes automatically. A Bill of Lading (BOL) is then generated in an instant.

Status update emails with copies of the BOL(s) are then sent to:

  1. The carrier company email address as additional record keeping.

  2. The Customer (Shipper) email address stored in the order. Make sure the customer email field is filled in prior to the status change.

  3. The Pick-up/Delivery contact signing the inspection off. This is an option each contact has right above the signature box.

For shippers who are dispatching directly through Ship.Cars, the ecosystem goes even further -- The status of the order gets updated in their system automatically, and they get the paperwork directly within the order.

Manual Status Change

Granted, not all drivers have the habit of using an application for electronic inspection from the first day they've got on Ship.Cars.

For orders you don't have the driver's vehicle inspection done on the app, you will have the option to update it manually, from within the order page in your Carrier TMS.

The option to update the status becomes available only if the date for Pick-up/Delivery per your dispatch contract has passed or is has been scheduled for today.

For orders you have created or imported to Ship.Cars yourself, you are only asked for the actual date when it happened. By uploading a BOL while updating the status as Delivered, you are making sure the BOL is attached to the Status Update email your customer would receive if you opt in for the option down below.

For orders dispatched to you via Ship.Cars directly, the BOL file will be required for up to 30 days after the scheduled date for Delivery in your dispatch contract. After that, you will be able to close the order as completed without a BOL.

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