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This "Bookmarks" feature will help you organize your desired loads

In the following article we will explain in detail how-to use the "Bookmarks" and the benefits of it.

The story behind "Bookmarks":

  • This "Bookmarks" functionality allows a user to bookmark an actively posted Shipper Load ID.

  • If such Shipper Load ID gets archived, the listing will appear as inactive for 24 hours.

  • If during that time the same shipper posts the same Shipper Load ID, then the bookmarked listing status is changed from inactive to active.

Bookmarks UI:

Lets talk about how you set your first bookmark

Next to each listing on the Load Board you can see a button

  • This button bookmarks the listing for the user.

NOTE: Clicking a second time on that button will remove the load from the list of bookmarks.

The list will be accessible from the Load board Listings screen (next image), under the search bar.

The button that opens the list of bookmarked orders has a counter that shows the number of bookmarked orders that are still active.

Bookmarks Modal window:

Let's talk about the Modal feature:

  • Looking at the modal where the list of bookmarked orders is, users can find a Search field, Map switch, Filter, list of bookmarked postings, and "Close" CTA.

  • The primary sorting will be “Active on top”, the secondary will be “Last updated on top”.

  • Inactive listings have the "Remove" option which will remove the bookmark, and the load will no longer display for the user.

  • Inactive loads will remain inactive for 24 hours before they expire and get removed from the list.

Listing Details:

You can use the option to (un)bookmark loads from within the listing details view.

The message that will appear on the screen if you "Bookmark" or "(Un)bookmark" loads will be as it follows:

Map View:

You have the option to see the list of bookmarked loads on a map.

Clicking on a location will auto-scroll and highlight the bookmarked listing.

NOTICE: The release of our “Bookmarks” is only the first of a series of “Trip Planning” functionalities that Ship.Cars will deliver to the user in the upcoming months.

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