The Carrier Compliance Panel will help you stand out as a reliable carrier and speed up your onboarding with shippers on the Market.

In this article, we will explain in detail how to use the "Carrier Compliance Panel" and its benefits.

The story behind "Carrier Compliance Panel":

  • Some shippers are not keen on spending too much time and effort getting to know new carriers even if they are interested in moving their load. Yet they need carriers to be trustworthy and perform consistently well. Carrier vetting is of paramount importance in logistics, so it is not a process to be neglected. Once passed, the carrier usually enjoys a long-lasting business relationship with the shipper.

  • With the release of the Carrier Documents section, we aim to speed up the acquisition of the most important pieces of information that a shipper would need from a carrier before they start doing business – their Carrier Document Package.

  • Some shippers don’t need much. That is why carriers will be invited to attach the ‘regular’ documents in their profile, so they'd be instantly accessible to new shippers in their Network.

  • Large or otherwise experienced shippers may need additional documents provided by the carrier before dispatch. This is where the ability for shippers to request additional documents comes in.

Perks that you will find only on the Ship.Cars Market:

  • Thousands of carriers enjoy booking loads instantly, without interacting with the shipper on the other side. This is only possible if a shipper marks a carrier as "Verified" in their Network. Keeping your public documents up to date is key.

  • Internal notes will allow you to leave notes/reminders just for yourself.

  • Look at the “Private Files” section in your Company Profile as a quick-access folder for files that you wouldn't want publicly shared, yet some companies would be requesting them. You can only share private files shipper by shipper.


Quick answer: all the shippers in your Network.

There are two ways you can get a shipper in your Network:

  1. Post an offer to a load they've posted on the Ship.Cars Market.

  2. If you approve a shipper's request to add you to their Network.


  1. Navigate to your Company Profile

  2. Make sure you click on the "Edit" button to unlock the Documents section of your profile page.

  3. At first, you'll only have two required types of documents -- your SS4 and COI. Upload both files and fill out the required fields below the COI.

    1. We encourage you to add more files in your Public Documents section -- in fact, add all the files you are regularly asked to provide, so you won't bother doing this with each shipper down the line. So don't hesitate to use this button.

    2. Think of documents that could be requested but you wouldn't want publicly available to all shippers in your Network -- these files you can add under the "Private Files" section, and share them later shipper by shipper. Learn more about "Private Files" below.

  4. Once done, click on the "Save" button below.


Use the Internal notes to remind yourself about certain details in regard to your files. These notes are not accessible to users outside your company.


Out-of-date documents, let's see how to update them and what happens when we do that!

Of course, you can! Keeping them up-to-date is key for rapid dispatching!

Let's use this example so you can have a better understanding of it.

You have uploaded the first version of your W9 and you approve a shipper to become part of your Network. With that, they gain access to that version of your W9.

Updating the file creates a second version of the document. All shippers that are part of your Network will get the update, so you won't have to bother doing anything else.

Any shippers that would become part of your Network from that moment forward would only get the latest version of the updated document.


Required documents can only be replaced/updated.

You can remove any additional documents you chose to share. Note that you will only be removing them for shippers that you will connect with in the future.



They can't be accessed by the Shipper unless a particular file is requested and you select the file from the list of Private Files. Then, a copy of that file goes under the "Additional Documents" section in the Shipper's profile in your Network.

To upload private documents, navigate to your Company Profile and click "EDIT" just as if you'd do to upload Public Documents. You will find the option to upload private files below.


Use the Internal notes to remind yourself about certain details in regard to your files. These notes are not accessible to users outside your company.

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