Invited your drivers to Ship.Cars? Wondering what’s their onboarding experience? It's easy, see for yourself.

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Inviting a Driver from your Dashboard

As a Company Owner, a Supervisor or a Dispatcher you’re able to onboard drivers from your Dashboard. Don’t remember how to add users to your company?

Log into your Dashboard and go to Users > Add New.

Then select Driver to start. Fill out the driver’s details and click Create User.

Your driver’s onboarding experience

Step 1: Download and install the mobile app

Once you complete the steps from your Dashboard, the system then sends a text message to your driver’s mobile device. The text message contains a link to download the mobile app. The link will redirect the driver to the App Store/Google Play stores.

The driver must click the text message link to be added to your company and start being assigned orders.

Once the driver opens the message they will:

  1. Tap to open the link.

  2. Confirm the link and be redirected to the App Store or Google Play, depending on the mobile device’s OS.

  3. Download and install the app.

Step 2: Account setup

Once the app is opened for the first time, your driver will have to go through an easy 1-time setup process.

  1. Create an account password (confirms your driver's account).

  2. Take a selfie (visible only within your company).

  3. Draw their signature (will be applied on every BOL).

Note: Your driver's login username is their mobile device phone number.

Once completed, your driver will be redirected to the ePOD mobile Dashboard.

At this point, your driver will be able to receive orders.

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