Your drivers use the ePOD app to inspect and deliver orders every day. Do you need a system to tell you when and how much should you collect after each delivery? Are you having a hard time tracking orders you need to bill your brokers/shippers?

No worries, the Dashboard helps monitor and control of all your order payments prior to archiving.

Your Delivered section contains all orders delivered by your drivers, but payments have not been verified as of yet. Ensure your driver uses the ePOD app to inspect vehicles, so orders can “jump” into the Delivered section. This section would be useful for everyone that controls the financials within your organization.

Notice the blue button in the Order Detail Payment section. The buttons look slightly different on the COD and on the Billing orders, but they have the same functionality.

All delivered orders will remain in the Delivered section of the Dashboard. By verifying the payments on your delivered orders, you’re archiving them. 

From the Archived section you’re able to search for your archived orders at any time.

How to verify your order payments

COD orders 

  • Contact your driver, ensure he/she collected your carrier pay 

  • Mark order as paid (archive)

Billing orders 

  • Manually or via the Auto-invoicing feature bill your shipper/broker according to the contract terms (email Invoice + BOL)

  • Patiently wait for the payment to be due

  • Ensure the payment is cleared 

  • Verify order payment (archive)

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