There are drivers who like taking additional pictures to ensure extra protection against damage claims, while there are others who don't feel it is necessary for all orders. 

Company owners and supervisors can now choose their own variation of required photos for their drivers. This setting will apply to all your orders that you choose to import or create in Ship.Cars*. Here is how to set this up:

From your Carrier TMS

  1. Navigate to your Company Profile

  2. Find the Inspection Requirements panel below your Terms & Conditions

  3. Click on Edit

  • Level 1 will allow your drivers to complete an inspection with no photos of the vehicle. However, if a picture is sometimes needed, your driver will be still able to take as many as necessary. 

  • Level 2 makes two pictures of the vehicle mandatory, and you can choose to add a picture of the odometer and/or the roof by selecting the checkboxes below. 

  • Level 3 is the default setting with 4 pictures of the sides, and the two additional already selected. 

You now have the option to add more slots as required so that your drivers will never forget to take a photo of something you always want to have on file.
Simply tap on the Add Custom Requirement button, place a short description and select the area.

Once you are done, hit the Save button and the setting will be live for all your drivers and all the vehicles they are yet to inspect. 


From your Ship.Cars mobile app

  1. Navigate to the Menu

  2. Choose Settings

  3. From the Inspection section choose Requirements.

The same configuration concept applies to the app as well. Should you need to add custom requirements, just hit on the Plus button on the bottom-right. 


*Brokers who are using the platform to dispatch orders to you will have their own inspection requirements. Orders with such requirements will override your settings.

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