The Saved Searches feature within the Loadboard is a powerful tool that can help you optimize every route your company operates on.

Being able to quickly sort and find exactly what you're looking for will save a huge amount of time and increase efficiency. 

Creating a Saved Search

Enter the Origin and/or Destination you want for your search and then click the Save As New Search button located near the top of the window. 

The search will be saved to your Saved Searches management tab on the left sidebar. 

Click on the select saved searches dropdown at any time to perform a search with the saved result.

Saved Searches Management Tab

In the Saved Searches menu itself, you can see all of your currently saved searches.

  • Clicking Search will perform the indicated load search. 
  • Clicking Removed From Saved will remove that search from the list.


Powerful filtering tools allow you to customize your searches the way you want them.

Region and State Search Filters

You can select Regions and States within the US and see all loads posted by brokers for that specific route.

City Search Filters

Looking for a specific city? Type the name of the respective city and you'll be able to select as an option. 

With a city selected, you can adjust the radius around the city you'd like to search. This can be done for each individual city.

Additional Filters

There are a few additional filters available with even more planned for the future.

  1. Load ID, Make or Model - When you know exactly what you're looking for.
  2. Trailer Type - Open or enclosed trailer.
  3. Condition - Only interested in Inoperable vehicles? Or maybe you can haul both.
  4. Vehicle Types - Search for specific types such as sedan or motorcycle.
  5. Min # of Vehicles - Looking for a load that can completely fill your truck?
  6. Payment Terms - Cash or billing options.


With a search saved, you’ll receive instant notifications when a new load matching your search becomes available. This notice is sent in two ways. Email and In-App.

Clicking on Take Me To The Load in the email or clicking the notice in app will take you right to that load. Allowing you to review and ask to book. 

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