Instant booking allows carriers who are pre-verified by a shipper to claim their loads directly from the load board without even contacting anyone! 

On the Ship.Cars Load Board, there are 2 primary booking functions.

  • Instant Book - Booking this order will instantly trigger the Dispatch Sheet signing process.

  • Ask to Book - In order to get this load, the shipper will need to perform additional verifications. Please wait for the shipper to approve and process the dispatch.

Booking an order instantly means more than the details are verified and the load is ready. It also means that you won’t have to spend a minute more filling up that spot - no phone calls, no time waiting for brokers to decide. In two clicks it gets the booking done!

Hitting the Instant book will open up a window where you can select your estimated dates for Pickup and Delivery. Don’t forget to look-up the shipper’s dispatch instructions before you agree upon them.

From here you won’t be able to select estimated dates outside of the window provided by the broker. If you are willing to select different dates it means the broker should verify if your dates would work, meaning you can’t book it instantly. 

Should you need to select different dates, go to View Details and post your offer from there.

Once you select your dates and agree upon the instructions, you can go ahead and book the load. 

Clicking on the Instant Book button gets the order dispatched, and now you have the option to continue booking or go to the order (now with status New) to accept the contract and assign a driver. Note that when you are booking an order instantly, you have 2 hours to accept the contract. Failing to do so on time gets the order un-dispatched and posted back on the board, making it available for other carriers again.

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