Create custom search filters and receive notifications for the loads that matter to you.

The Saved Searches feature within the Load board is a powerful tool that can help you optimize the time you spend looking-up every route your company operates on.

Start off with a click on Origin or Destination and apply your search parameters. Make sure you add all the spots or major cities here - the perk here is that you will do it once. Once done, hit the Save button on the bottom-right corner.

The other button that allows you to save a search is on the top of the Listings, meaning that if you like the results of your search, you can save it without going through the Filters page.

When you are done, hit the Save button on the bottom-right before you Apply. You will be asked to Name your search and choose if you are willing to get an instant notification once a load matching your criterias gets posted on the board. You can manage your Search subscriptions form the Saved Searches section on the menu. More on that down below.

Once saved, you can browse the results and if you want to make any changes - worry not! You can update your saved search any time. Once you change your parameters, hit on the Update button on the bottom. 

Looking for a quick access to your list of Saved Searches? Click on the Saved drop-down and select the one you currently need.

*Pro tip: Create more saved searches at once. Do it today, so next time you open the board, you will simply select it, instead of starting all over. You can have a large list of searches but subscribe for the notifications only for the routes you need this week.

Saved Search Management

Any search that you save will give you instant notifications on new shipper postings via email and in-app. To manage your saved searches, navigate to the My Searches tab.

From here, you can remove searches and turn ON/OFF email notifications. You can also navigate back to an existing search by clicking the Search button

Wonder how to make changes? There is no need to delete a search and create a new one just so you can add or remove a filter. Instead, simply open it up via the Search button, do the change and click on Update. The same you can do from the Searches drop-down when you browse the listings.

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