We would like to introduce you to our new game changer cutting-edge technology: Artificial Intelligence Inspection

Tired of marking every single individual damage upon a vehicle?

Fed up of having to deal with false claims?

Rest assured, we have your back!

How to start the "AI Inspection" feature:

  1. Start the inspection process from our ePOD mobile application.

  2. Switch on "AI Inspection" from the camera module.

NOTE: Depending on your type of inspection configuration the "AI Inspection" can be started either from the camera module for Level 2 and 3 inspection or from the

"AI Inspection" banner for Level 1.

AI Inspection Additional Photos:

Once the feature is turned on, additional photos will appear that will need to be taken alongside the main one(s).

They will appear with:

  • Different Color

  • Additional Asterisk

  • Fade In Animation

NOTE: The sketch depends on the type of vehicle. Odometer and Roof photos are first and last depending on if they are required by the inspection configuration.

Each additional photo(s) depends on the type of inspection configuration:

All of the additional photo(s) required for the "AI Inspection" will be stored with the highest possible quality in the "Additional Photos" section of the inspection process. These image(s) are completely optional and can be deleted if you open the gallery.

AI Inspection Results:

Once completed, the "AI Inspection" feature will return a list with the following details:

  • Crop image of the damage.

  • Vehicle part of where the damage is.

  • Type of damage.

Every single recorded damage can be manually edited by the driver.

The driver can add manually a detailed damage by hitting "Add +".

NOTE: Every single damage, both AI found or manually added, can be deleted. The driver can return to "Manual Inspection" at any time.

Overview of the Bill Of Lading:

The sketch in "Section B" is replaced by a "Coding System" describing the "Area" and "Type" of damage recorded by both the AI and the driver.

All of the "Additional Photos" taken for the AI Inspection will be included in the pictures gallery alongside the main photo(s). Each picture will have a label with the type of damage and area.

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