With the Carrier Compliance Panel, you will speed up the otherwise cumbersome carrier vetting process.

In this article, we will explain in detail how to use the "Carrier Compliance Panel" and its benefits.

The story behind "Carrier Compliance Panel":

  • Some shippers are not keen on spending too much time and effort getting to know new carriers even if they are interested in moving their load. Yet they need carriers to be trustworthy and perform consistently well. Carrier vetting is of paramount importance in logistics, so it is not a process to be neglected. Once passed, the shipper usually enjoys a long-lasting business relationship with the carrier.

  • With the release of the Carrier Documents section, we aim to speed up the acquisition of the most important pieces of information that a shipper would need from a carrier before they start doing business – their Carrier Document Package..

  • Some shippers don’t need much. That is why carriers will be invited to attach the ‘regular’ documents in their profile, so they'd be instantly accessible to new shippers in their Network.

  • Large or otherwise experienced shippers may need additional documents provided by the carrier before dispatch. This is where the ability for shippers to request additional documents comes in.

Perks that you will find only on the Ship.Cars Market:

Let's talk about the perks that we offer when it comes to documents:

  • Thousands of carriers enjoy booking loads instantly, without interacting with the shipper on the other side. This is only possible if a shipper marks a carrier as "Verified" in their Network. To avoid trickery, if a carrier updates a document that has been present during the initial verification, the carrier's status will get back to "Under Review" until the document is rechecked.

  • To keep it all in one place, you can request additional documents, and even upload documents related to the carrier yourself.

  • Internal notes will allow you to leave notes just for yourself.

  • The "Removed" section will store documents that you, the carrier, or anyone in your team cleared from the main page.

  • The "Change Log" keeps details such as what, when, and who changed a document. This is one of the little things that get underappreciated until they save the day. 🙂


Let's have an overview on how to manage and expand your Carrier Netowork.

This is what your Carrier Network looks like when you have a few carries already added. They have different statuses, but we will talk about them later.


There are a couple of ways to get carriers in your Ship.Cars Network.

  • Automatically. By sending an offer to a load you've posted, the carrier automatically gives you access to their public documents and their profile becomes accessible in your Carrier Network section.

  • Manually. When you click on "FIND CARRIER" an additional window will be prompted and you will be able to search via DOT or Carrier Name.

Here is a quick walk-through:


How  the page looks like when you sent a request

If you are reviewing a carrier that never posted an offer to any of your loads, they'll have to first approve your access to their documents section. You will still have access to everything else but the carrier's public documents. Until then, you can also request specific documents (e.g. COI where you are the certificate holder). See how below.

Once approved, you get access to the carrier's Public Documents. If you have sent specific document requests and/or the carrier decided to provide such themselves, they get under the Additional Documents subsection.


You can send requests for documents you require exclusively in three easy steps:

  1. First, click on "Request Document" in the right upper corner;

  2. A drop-down menu will follow up, you can choose from the presets or you can simply click "Other" if the Document is not among them. // Note that for the moment you will have to tell the carrier what exactly is the "other" document they have to upload by using the ship.cars chat, email, or any other means;

  3. Once you choose the document that you want, you will see a green "Success" pop-up message;

  4. You will be notified over email once the carrier fulfills your request.


There are two separate types of options under the carrier name.

Instant Book

We have taken the "instant-book" permission out of the default carrier verification Status. That way, you can keep carriers verified but still prevent them from booking loads instantly, even if you've posted them with the option turned on.

Initially, new carrier profiles are always set to “Can't Instabook ”, it is then up to you to manually change it to “Can instabook” at any point in time.

Note: Instabook Status is independent of the verification status when manually set but it will go off to “Not Allowed” automatically the moment a reviewed document is changed/updated by the carrier. Learn more about Updates here.

Verification Status

Once a carrier gets to your Carrier Network section, there are three status options you can choose from.

  1. Verified
    Choose this status when you have the carrier reviewed and you have decided they are eligible to receive contracts from you.

  2. Under Review
    Shippers use this as a temporary status for when there is unfinished steps in the verification process. Also, the system automatically switches carriers to this status once they update a document that was part of the previous time the carrier got "Verified".

  3. Suspended
    Use this status to mark carriers who you find unfit for your business.


When a carrier updates any of the documents available during the previous time the profile got "Verified", their status will automatically switch to "Under Review" until you as a shipper change it back to "Verified".


For this occasion, there will also be a yellow attention sign as an indication that the carrier has uploaded one or more of the documents previously shared with you. This indication will go away as soon as you change the status to either "Verified" or "Suspended".

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