Need to manage your saved searches?

  1. From the web dashboard, click Loadboard from the left nav bar.
  2. Click Saved Searches to access the management tab.

In the Saved Searches menu itself, you can see all of your currently saved searches.

  • Clicking Search will perform the indicated load search. 
  • Clicking Removed From Saved will remove that search from the list.

Note: Removing a saved search, will also stop all notifications.


With a search saved, you’ll receive instant notifications when a new load matching your search becomes available. This notice is sent in two ways. Email and In-App.

Clicking on Take Me To The Load in the email or clicking the notice in app will take you right to that load. Allowing you to review and ask to book.

In-App notifications can be accessed from the bell icon at the top right of the screen. Loadboard notices can only be viewed from the bell while in the Loadboard screen. 

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